Care Instructions

With the right care, your Ta-bl will bring you many years of stylish usefulness.

To open your Ta-bl:

Remove all packaging including the storage bag. Hold the legs and gently lift the leaves. Rotate the moving leg until you hear it click into position. Put your stuff on and show off!

To close your Ta-bl:

Gently lift the leaves to release the stopping mechanism. Rotate the leg back into the closed position. Put in the storage bag. Stash away behind the sofa, in a cupboard, under the bed, in a wardrobe, so long as it is a cool, dry place away from heat and moisture.

General care:

Be careful to keep fingers and clothing away from hinges during opening and closing.

Ta-bl is a quality handmade product, designed only for use as a side table.

Ta-bl doesn't like:

Living outdoors, rough handling, hot things, wet things, scratchy things, being sat or stood upon, being loaded with more than 15kg of weight, abrasive cleaning products.

To clean your Ta-bl:

Use a soft damp cloth moistened with water, then dry with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive or chemical cleaners or scourers; do not use bleach and do not over wet.

Natural wood finish Ta-bl's should be oiled with furniture oil every few months and after cleaning. Ta-bl legs should be treated in the same way, taking care to avoid oiling the painted surfaces.